a professional brand
with the technology and know-how
of the global leading company,

The First and Leading 

Cosmeceuticals & Biopharmaceuticals Company 

based on EXOSOMES

Freeze-dried ExoSCRT Exosome therapy that can maximize effects

Established in Jan. 2017


To deliver innovative biotech

products derived from EXOSOMES


∙ Regenerative Medicine

∙ Anti-Inflammation

∙ Skin Regeneration


Teamed up with the best researchers in the R&D field of EXOSOMES in Korea.


• Largest EXOSOMES production facility in Korea.

• Proved efficacy of EXOSOMES against diseases such as Atopic Dermatitis, Acute Kidney Injury and Inflammatory Bowel Disease through animal experiment.

• Establishing GMP facility for EXOSOMES and eveloping various EXOSOMES for new innovative drugs and cosmeceuticals.


• Created the world’s first Exosome-based cosmeceuticals sector under EXOMAGE™, Celltweet™.

• ExoCoBio’s EXOSOMES can be the unique solution on unmet medical needs.

• EXOSOMES can cover not only for Cosmeceuticals field but be applied to various biopharmaceuticals.

ExoSCRT Exosome

created by integrating innovation and technology

It is a high-end brand that showcases products

with applied freeze-drying technology

to capture the original efficacy / effect.

*Awarded the 11th week IR52 Jang Young-sil Prize in 2020

To restore naturally healthy skin,

to maximize the effect 

of skin treatment,

we provide differentiated professional solutions for changes in skin

through integrating ever-evolving technological progress and turning it into our know-how.